New Curved Stairlifts


If your stairway has corners or if you wish your stairlift to travel right onto the upstairs landing or into the downstairs hall then you will need a curved stairlift.  These are more complex and more costly that a straight stairlift but can be configured to fit most types of stairway. 

We can supply and fit various makes and models but prefer to stick to the models that we know to be well made and reliable.  The twin rail design of curved stairlift is, in our experience more reliable and more easily maintained than other types and is generally cheaper to repair should it go wrong.

We prefer to get our stairlifts from the manufacturers who operate ethically, provide good technical back up and who we can trust to supply reasonable priced spares well into the future.

Our preferred supplier for new curved stairlifts is Platinum Stairlifts.  Their stairlifts are robust and reliable, they are easily repaired and maintained and spares are priced reasonably.  They are also UK made.


Platinum Curve Stairlift


The Platinum Curve stairlift can be made to fit most stair configurations and has numerous options so that it can be installed and adjusted to suit your personal needs.:


  • Rated load up to 150kg (19st)
  • Heavy duty model rated up to 160kg (25st)
  • Manual Swivel Seat (powered swivel is an option)
  • Revolutionaly Ergo Adjustable Chair
  • Diagnostic Display on Chair Arm
  • Keyswitch
  • Ergonomic Joystick Control
  • Tight Rail Bend to Save Space
  • Infra Read or Radio Remote Controls
  • Retractable Reel Seat Belt
  • Optional link from seat to footrest
  • Available with a choice of upholstery colours

The rail for these stairlifts is custom made for your stairs, installation takes a few hours.

Prices start at £4150.00 + VAT  (VAT is not normally applicable to stairlifts)

Our prices include delivery, installation and connection to a nearby socket or fused spur.