Stairlift not Working?  Please see below for some simple checks that might get it working again.


If your Stairlift is not working it might be something very simple.  Before calling out an Engineer it is worth doing a few simple checks yourself.

The last thing we want to do is send an Engineer to your house to turn your stairlift on - it does happen.


Check the Fault Code?

Many stairlifts now have a display which can give you an idea of what the problem might be.  If you have such a display, check what it says, or the number it gives and look in your manual for an explanation.  


Is your stairlift switched on?

This sounds obvious, but many stairlifts have several switches which can be confusing or are hidden from plain view.   It just needs a visitor or the cleaner to knock one of them without realising to put your stairlift out of action.  All makes and models of stairlift are slightly different but you need to look at the following areas:

  • Mains supply    -    Is the stairlift switched on at the wall?  Many older stairlifts will have and RCD  (safety trip switch) next to the mains switch - check if this has tripped and if so reset it, they do occasionally trip for no apparent reason.
  • Stairlift switched on  -  There will be an on/off switch on the stairlift somewhere.  This could be on or under one of the arms or on the chassis (motor unit)  On some Stannah stairlifts it will be hidden on the back of the chassis facing the wall.
  • Key-switch  -  Many stairlifts have a key-switch either on or under the arm or on the chassis, check that it has not fallen out and that it is switched on.
  • Wall switches  -   If your stairlift has up/down buttons fixed on the wall, there might also be an on/off switch on the same box.  Check that these are switched on, upstairs and downstairs.


Is your stairlift obstructed?

All stairlifts have safety edges around and under the footplate and on the top and bottom of the motor/chassis.  Check that none of these are being obstructed and check that none of them are stuck in.  On some stairlifts  (Freelift and Meditek) the chassis cover is also the safety edge, check that it has not been knocked and stuck out of position.


Is the seat straight?

If the stairlift seat has not been swivelled back against the wall and locked in position the stairlift will not move.  Check that it is in the correct position and is not obstructed by a loose seatbelt or similar.


Are the batteries weak?

Many stairlifts now run from rechargeable batteries.  These batteries can last anything up to 10 years but if you depend on your stairlift, we recommend that you have them changed every three years.

If your stairlift has been struggling or stopping (particularly on the way up) then there is a good chance the batteries are getting weak or the charger is switched off or faulty.  Eventually the stairlift will refuse to move.  It may recover if you leave it to charge for a while but there is a good chance it will fail again quite soon.  Double check that the charger is switched on at the wall.


If you still havent got your stairlift working:

If after all these checks your stairlift is still not working, please give us a call.  It would be useful if you can tell us the make and model of your stairlift and also any fault codes you might have recorded.