Stairlift - New or Re-conditioned


We often get asked if it is better to buy new or re-conditioned and unfortunately it is not a straightforward answer.


It is up to you, but here are a few notes that might help you decide.



If you buy new, you get a years warranty, possibly more, so if your stairlift breaks down in this time your supplier will repair it.  There will be no cost to you unless the problem was caused by user error.  

Some manufacturers offer a free extended warranty on major stairlift components such as the motor and the circuit board.  (We will warranty these parts as long as the manufacturer does, not all suppliers will do this)


We offer a full years warranty on all our reconditioned stairlifts.  Some suppliers will offer 6 months or less, you are unlikely to get a free extended warranty on major components.



We are very selective when we purchase second hand stairlifts so that we can be sure all our reconditioned units are recent models, in good condition and safe.  We do not use models that are obsolete or we have found to be unreliable.   Some manufacturers will cease supplying spares as soon as they can - we do not buy their stairlifts.

Obviously a reconditioned stairlift might have a few cosmetic marks, it will have been used so its lifespan will likely be less than a new one but they are well worth having if your budget is limited.



We order new stairlifts straight from the factory so we have no problem getting the exact options or colours you prefer.

Our stock of reconditioned is constantly changing and can be limited so the exact options you require may not always be available.