If you have a Stairlift that you no longer need, we can help you in several ways:


Purchasing Stairlifts


We do purchase some second hand stairlifts but it depends on the make, model and age.  If you contact us with these details, we will let you know if we might buy it from you and how much we would be prepared to pay.


Relocating Stairlifts


Firstly we must point out that it is very difficult/costly to relocate a curved stairlift, it would usually involve purchasing a new rail.  If you wish to have a curved stairlift relocated, please contact us to discuss. The following notes apply to straight stairlifts only.


If you have sold or purchased a straight stairlift privately and need it collecting and/or installing, or if you are moving house and need a stairlift relocating we can do it for you.  There are a number of things to be aware of when relocating a stairlift as it will not necessarily be suitable for the new house.  The main considerations are outlined below:


  • Will the user be able to manage the stairlift? Can they climb on and off and swivel the chair?
  • Are the stairs wide enough?  You will need to allow for the width of the chair back, the passenger, and about 50mm (2 inches) of clearance.
  • Is the rail long enough?  Measure the two stairways, (do not count the steps) it is OK to move the stairlift to a similar or shorter stair.  Sometimes we can provide a longer rail if necessary.
  • Is the stairlift on the correct side?  Some can be re-handed easily, some cannot.
  • Is there sufficient headroom?  This is particularly relevant if it is a stand/perch model.
  • Is there sufficient space at the top or bottom of the stairs?
  • Will the rail cause an obstruction?  If it obstructs the walkway at the foot of the stairs a hinged rail might be needed.


If you need a Stairlift relocating, please contact us to discuss or for a quotation.


Removing Stairlifts


If you have a redundant stairlift that you cannot re-home or sell then we can remove it to scrap.  Unfortunately it is often difficult to re-home or sell stairlifts and many good working stairlifts end their life in this way.  Alternatively if you have the space and feel you might be able to use the stairlift in the future, we can move the stairlift into storage for you.

Our removal service includes removing all the wiring back to the fused spur or plug.  It does not include making good any holes or damage to walls, carpet, decor etc